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Kits and Lending Library

The following kits are available on a revolving loan or "as needed" basis.  They are currently located at Vandalia Elementary School and Dieterich Elementary School. Listed below are the current kits that are available:

  • NEW!! NEW!! NEW!! IDNR trunks. Click <here> for a list of items.
  • Prairie Flowers Kits 
    • Simple Machines (LEGOS) -- 3 copies available
    • Robotics (LEGOS) -- 1 copy available 
    • Fast Plants -- 3 copies
    • Water Quality -- 3 copies
  • [The following kits are also available]
    • Electricity -- 1 copy
    • Senses (all 5 senses in one kit) -- 1 copy 
    • Rocks and Minerals -- 1 copy 
    • Schoolyard Safari -- 1 copy 
    • Invertebrates -- 1 copy

Curriculum Cooperative members may check out kits for free. Non-members may now check out kits for a period of 2 weeks for the fee of $50.00.

For more information on the kits or to check them out, contact Joal Donaldson at Vandalia Elementary School, 618/283-5166. For the IDNR trunks, contact Kathy Lappe at Mulberry Grove Jr-Sr HS. 618/326-8221. 


Covey Leadership Library

These video based workshops were purchased by the Curriculum Cooperative for use by school districts in the ROE 3 region. The following titles are available for checkout by calling the ROE's Educational Service Division at 618/283-1763 or email Brenda at

  • Tearing Down Walls - Using the metaphor of the Berlin Wall for the barriers that can exist between individuals, this workshop, which includes a 21 minute documentary, shows how to tear down the barriers of miscommunication, distrust, and stereotyping to improve performance and production.
  • Mauritius: Celebrating Differences - The people of the small, isolated island of Mauritius have learned to find strength in their diversity by working together to turn economic, racial, and religious barriers into forces for positive change. This workshop, which includes a 26-minute documentary, will help the people in your organization turn diversity into bottom-line results.
  • I Know Just What You Mean - This workshop, with a humorous 21-minute video vignette, shows how to move beyond disagreement and misunderstanding by avoiding four common listening mistakes. It teaches you how to listen with the intent to understand rather than merely respond. The results of better listening and communication skills are immediate, yet last a lifetime.
  • Max & Max: Unleashing the Potential in People....and Dogs - Learn how to unleash the individual initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness of people; tap into talents; and create an action plan for developing an empowering environment. This workshop features a comical yet enlightening 22-minute video vignette that will help leaders recognize and overcome barriers to empowerment in their organization.
  • Leading By Example - Through the dramatic story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, which is depicted in a 23-minute video, this workshop helps leaders identify ways to be more effective models, set lasting examples, and bring out the best in others. Stephen R. Covey's insights teach leaders to go beyond the role of managers and become true mentors and coaches.

Videos - Great Events & People in Illinois History

These VHS tapes are also available for use in your classroom. Contact the ROE's Educational Service Division at 618/283-1763 or email Brenda at to check out the video of your choice.

  • Illinois: The Mound Builders
  • Illinois: The Early Years
  • Illinois: the French, The British, and The American Revolution
  • Illinois in the Civil War


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